Wednesday, June 10, 2020

No Justice - No Peace

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Despite a concerted attempt to stop protests, the Black Lives Matters movement drew thousandsonto the streets over the past few days with...

Wed June 3rd: Support An All-Ireland National Health Service

There will be a day of action in support of a 32 county NHS on Wednesday June 3rd. This is timely as...

Tension In Greens -Just Stay Out Of Coalition With FF And FG

Tensions are rising in the Green Party as councilors and more than 60 members have urged Catherine Martin to run for leadership.

UCD Imposing Rent On Trapped Students: Why We’re Not Surprised

Throughout this academic year, UCD have rightly faced much criticism about the cost of renting on-campus accommodation. The cost of the rooms...

Disabled And Vulnerable In A Pandemic

These past months have been a strange and stressful time for our society and its people. We have had to adjust to...

Varadkar’s Logic: Risk Covid-19 Or Starve

Ireland's low wages are proving to be a real problem for Leo Varadkar. Yesterday, he once again talked about people "getting more...

Scrapped Childcare Scheme Another Disaster For Market Obsessed Government.

In what has to be a historical record in the long litany of Fine Gael disasters, the scheme to provide temporary childcare...

Back To Work: The Ideological Assault

The past week has seen the Irish business class and their mouthpieces ramp up their efforts to convince people that they need...

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PQ Response Reveals Inexplicable Failure To Permanently Recruit Health Care Workers From The “Call For Ireland”

Government praise for frontline heroes’ rings hollow Failure to reveal amounts paid to recruitment agencies “unacceptable”

Justice Minister And OFMDFM Need To Clarify Stance On PSNI Response

People Before Profit Cllrs Eamonn McCann and Shaun Harkin said, "We called on the Derry and Strabane Council full...

“We’re Sending A Message To The Establishment”- Alternative Ceatharlach Proposed

“It’s Time for Change” was the final note emitted from the last general election, although that seems eons ago in a time...

Plans Condemned To Cut Pup Payment For Nearly 150,000

People Before Profit TD condemns plan to cut PUP payment for nearly 150,000, mostly part time, workers as "misguided austerity"